Group Therapy


group psychotherapy


Group Therapy: A Group Therapy is viewed as a miniature replica of society, a microcosm where completely different individuals co-exist and attempt to meet important needs and wants. The strength that derives from the group may aid the members recognize and then work on the various interpersonal difficulties and problems which they may encounter, in a safe, supportive and trustworthy environment within the group. The energy and feedback among the group members gives hope for change and confidence in oneself, but also the potential to evolve as an individual. Through group therapy we can understand how others view us, which the needs of others are but also our own, how we interact but also how we relate to them. Through group therapy we are able to love ourselves and others too and also to improve our communication and interpersonal skills. Learning how to co-exist, communicate and relate to others in the group is one of the most important aspects, because once we do that we can transfer these skills outside the group, in the real world, in our daily social lives.