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The book Meeting death… Introduction to life is a book about life. It is a book which could help each and every human being to live life authentically, intensively without any sense of fear. How could someone actualize all his/her potentials, all his/her will power, if he/she didn’t touch the topic of death , if he/she didn’t philosophize on death, the only certain situation that will happen, sooner or later, to every single living organism?


“Within the havoc be aware of the collateral opportunity. It is now that the soul will be released, as such. Let the havoc do what it has to do. You… just be aware of the collateral opportunity”.



How is it like to be able to travel in the world of senses, emotions, conflicts, being part of the reality of the person sitting right next to you? This person sitting on the old fabric-made chair, holding the glass of wine may be a complete stranger or may be someone very close; a son or a daughter, a husband, a partner, a friend, a colleague, a parent, a father or a mother. Do not be afraid my friend, take this step and begin the journey, the journey of the soul!

My experiences with my cancer patients meet my thoughts that can make their appearance at any time of the day, personal experiences and memories of my childhood, as well as eternal unanswered existential questions that great philosophers contemplated, but at the same time encounter the senses, the world of senses, the senses of the present, and all these together, create emotions, every kind and level of emotions!

All these blend together to create an alloy, a patchwork of things through which real life lessons emerge. Yes, the core of what I write, the deepest meaning of all these things I refer to, is a philosophy of life, that could help each and every one of us live a better life. What I write could help any human being transfer from “I exist” to “I live”.

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