To be able to understand the meaning and not the words, to care selflessly, to be able to be myself and not an expert psychologist, those are the factors that help during psychotherapy. All these features combined, create a powerful environment that can possibly contribute to change, development, and progression of the patient’s potentials- Carl Rogers

Markos Markides

The above words were stated by Carl Rogers, a notable psychologist and father of humanistic therapy, the therapy that concerns and concentrates on human being. Personally, the way in which Carl Rogers approaches and views individual and the whole process of therapy fullfiling me entirely. I also strongly believe that any change derives from within the treated individual, the one who faces a specific problem. Every individual, every single one of us is important, unique and obtains incredible strength within us. The psychologist’s task is to create suitable conditions, the right atmosphere so as to help the patient find himself and evolve, to understand exactly what is happening within him, to discover his strengths and weaknesses, to follow his wishes, to face his fears and insecurities and generally to love, appreciate and respect himself. There are times when we feel we are in a phase in our lives which we do not know how to handle and deal with the various situations surrounding us. We may feel troubled, lost, confused, as if we are stuck in a dead-end.

It is not uncommon to feel melancholia, sadness, weakness, depression, loss of energy or intense anxiety, inner tension, panic attacks, to possibly experience obsessive compulsive disorders and anger outbursts.
We may possibly experience difficulty with our interpersonal relationships, communication problems with our partner, friends or colleagues. There are times we feel we are not worthy and do not deserve anything, we feel insignificant; we dislike ourselves, our bodies, our faces and even our personalities. We may feel ugly, obese or extremely thin; we may suffer from anorexia or bulimia or be addicted to various situations, people or substances. In such occasions we may need the help and guidance of a specialist, who will help us to reorder or regroup, to organise our thoughts and feelings and as mentioned before, love ourselves and help us carry on with our lives. Everything begins from within us and then is outwardly revealed, from ourselves towards the outsite world, the world surrounding us. When the person truly loves and accepts who he/she really is, only then he/she can succeed in changing and taking control of his/her life.


My name is Markos Markides and I was born in Nicosia in 1979. I am a licensed clinical psychologist in Cyprus and Greece.

I studied psychology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Then, I continued my studies and obtained a master degree at University of Indianapolis in the United States of America where I specialised in clinical psychology.